30 Seconds of Manhattan

30 Seconds of Manhattan

For those who may be wondering, this is not an HDR image. I used a Singh-Ray variable ND filter which allowed me to get a 30 second exposure in the late afternoon sunlight at f/22.




  1. Ryan Rahn says:

    Beautiful lighting!

  2. cary says:

    Wow. Just, wow.

  3. Otto K. says:

    Beautiful shot.

  4. laanba says:

    This is terrific. All the elements balance each other out including that little moon. Lovely.

  5. Justin says:

    Nice use of the long exposure to get that dreamy effect in the water.

  6. PiXistenZ says:

    Very nice job Andy!

  7. P.J. says:

    That is remarkable!

  8. wardy says:

    Beautiful shot! It's a long way from Texas!

  9. jelb says:

    Beautiful composition..Great processing..Bravo!

  10. Great blog and beautiful photographs. Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work. Rick

  11. jelb says:

    well done shot..great exposure and processing..bravo!

  12. Colors Inc says:

    wow, fantastic composition and motive. great work

  13. Andy Beck says:

    Nice shot! It's like two separate scenes put together. Well done.

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