A Certain Slant of Light | Blanco River – Wimberley, TX

 A Certain Slant of LightAutumn has finally arrived in Central Texas. It’s been tough looking at everyone’s great fall pictures when the temperature is still in the mid 90′s. Thanks for all the comments on the previous picture. I’ve got a big list of literalisms I’m going to be working on for future posts.




  1. Kevin says:

    Very nice shot Andy…what kind of post processing did you do on this shot?

  2. Joey says:

    Andy, I think that’s the best swamp shot I’ve ever seen. Are the colors real? It’ll be my wallpaper for a while.

  3. DeWaun says:

    wow…seems the trees are grey and the leaves are technicolor vivid while the water ripples. Interesting shot! Central Texas…???…Comol river? Guadalupe river? Curious.

  4. Andy says:

    Sorry, I should have mentioned that. It’s the Blanco River just outside of Wimberley.

  5. zac says:

    wow! great shot. such an interesting vibe.

  6. Fantastic! So dark and yet so colorful. This is excellent work I want to be here in my canoe!

  7. Carter says:

    yeah nice shot..what kind of post processing did you do here?

  8. Phil says:

    Wonderful shot! Some great colours back there.

    Wish it was as warm here…

  9. Otto K. says:

    Just to concur with the others on a fabulous job with the picture. It’s very atmospheric and the contrast of the light and darkness is great.

  10. cary says:

    The heat does depress while the rest of the country is enjoying the autumn weather. On the other hand, I don’t shovel snow, and I bet you don’t do much of that either.

  11. Andy, this is a fabulous pic…Infact it gave me a feeling of an incredible painting by accomplished artist…one of my favourites…and thanks for a detailed explaination of technique…

  12. still says:

    This is the light of a dream. An oniric photography, with slow effects.

  13. Mike says:

    Stunning shot, Andy. Great technique here, and a very unique and signature look for you these days.

  14. tuan says:

    I think its a little too dark, although it could just be my shitty monitor at work! This scene would look lovely at the height of autumn, you’ll have to go back and capture the shot again!

  15. Alec Long says:

    Jeez, Andy. That’s one phenomenal image. Such incredible depth and tonality. And the light on those tree trunks at left…perfect.

  16. Tisha says:

    What a gorgeous picture!

  17. kikko77 says:


  18. Crash says:

    Never occured to me that Texas sees the fall colors! Nice photo

  19. Anonymous says:

    viva raicaldo dall’olanda

  20. pixibition says:

    beautiful light and shadow, awesome perspective….look so surreal..really emotional shot:-)

  21. ROB says:

    What a wonderful place. I can imagine drifting down here taking it all in. Beautifully captured.

  22. jasonspix says:


  23. Heidi says:

    Oh boy, this is stunning!

  24. john says:

    An ordinary scene made quite dramatic and haunting

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