A Life Forgotten

A Life ForgottenThis old house sits about a quarter of a mile off of I-35 and is very difficult to spot from the highway because it’s in the middle of a dense cluster of trees. In fact, you have to look at exactly the right moment or you’ll never see it at all. Even then, all you can see is part of the roof.

I made the trek up here in the pre-dawn hours of Saturday morning, not really sure of what I’d find. I wasn’t disappointed to say the least. There were so many great things to shoot, although I had a hard time finding the right angle on the house for some reason. I’m fascinated by places like this. Standing in the stillness with the ghosts of the past is a sublime experience.




  1. Drew says:

    ah, I like this alot. The sky really works for it.

  2. NoWords says:

    fantastic!! my favorite of yours so far!

  3. sushi says:

    cool contrast, brightness of the house and the sky is awesome. the only thing: it dosn't look really sharp to me in the front (right bottom corner – bushes) maybe jsut the image compression?

  4. john says:

    Well your trek was well worth the effort.

  5. Andy says:

    Thank you all for the comments. Sushi: The blurry part bothered me too. However, it's like that in the original image so I'm assuming it's a combination of slow shutter speed and wind moving the bushes. You can see a lot of movement in one of the trees as well.

  6. Gary says:

    wonderful shot its amazing how these places slowly collapse

  7. Neil says:

    Lovely shot. I love the tones, the looming sky & the forlorn looking house.

  8. cary says:

    I agree, that sky is really working for the overall image.

  9. the sky looks amazing –

    man this is so spooky – you have a real alent for really creeping me out – i have seen things like this in real life and it doesnt creep me out – that much – but your phtos really capture something – perhaps it s the soul of te object that you capture so well -

  10. micki says:

    These dilapidated structures are fascinating! I love the sky peeking through the roof.

  11. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! An incredible shot!

  12. Ann says:

    Amazing photo. The sky is incredible, gives the photo an "extra" touch.

  13. Tuan says:

    well done. that was indeed a corker of a photo.

  14. pixibition says:

    i like the trees and dark clouds…they make this house kinda huanting place:-) great colors and detail aslways:-) great find

  15. Rick says:

    Pretty DAMN Sweet!!! thats soo cool love the sky

  16. damn where do you live ?? in a fantom city ? hehehe really great picture here, nice work on it :)

  17. Great image and nice detail. Again I love that sky!

  18. Eric says:

    Awsome detail, it works so well together.

  19. om says:

    Real nice shot and process.

  20. Boyd Greene says:

    You have a remarkable and inspiring eye.

  21. pat says:

    how do you make amazing images like this? I gather it with Lucisart–is it also HDR if so what program would you recommend to a beginner

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