A Rainbow in the Dark

Sometimes you see something so incredible that it fills you with both joy and sorrow. Joy in the witnessing and sorrow in the fact that you’ll never see it again. At least I can take comfort in the fact that I had my camera with me, even if I didn’t have the best vantage point. What you see here is part of rainbow that literally exploded out of the (almost) darkness. The sky hung low with winter clouds and a cold rain was battering the last light of day into dismal submission. Suddenly, just before the sun was about to slip over the horizon, a think crack in the cloud blanket allowed the day one last gasp. And what a gasp it was. I wish I had a wide angle lens so I could have captured what was the most brilliant and perfect rainbow I’d ever seen. However, a part is better than nothing any day.

One final note: The color in this image was not enhanced by me. In fact, I think the original scene was even more intense.



16 comments on “A Rainbow in the Dark

  1. Wow, great capture indeed. And the framing, the colours, everything is just perfect. Makes me want to sing “somewhere over the rainbow” :)

  2. Wow…look at that. I love the difference in color from one side of the bow to the next. Great capture, Andy!

  3. This is wonderful – wouldnt have thought it possible to see a rainbow in such darkness. Such vivid and distinctly different colours on either side, something special for sure!

  4. Andy, what can I say? Beautiful, incredible, wonderfulÂ…Â…..

    I can honestly say I’ve not seen anything quite like this – nice one mate!

  5. This is beautiful. I took some shots of a rainbow back when Katrina hit and they were a lot like this one. The ones I took were really orange. I like the red in this. That’s cool how that one little bow under the big one barely shows up. It looks like there is a little bit of yellow between them. Very nice shot here.

  6. that truly is a beautiful rainbow. so crisp!

  7. Never seen a rainbow like this! Beautiful!

  8. It looks like beautiful color dome in the forest. Very impressive!!

  9. pixibition on said:

    wow…beautiful..rainbow tail look like comet from the sky…intense in warm color:-) great capture

  10. I know exactly what you mean, but lucky you had the camera and managed to capture it. It is breathtaking, and even more that its not manipulated.

  11. Magnifique photo .
    Aurore boréale ou arc en ciel ?
    Splendide !

  12. dylan neild on said:

    Very interesting.. I’ve never seen anything quite like it… a rainbow in the evening.

  13. Darkzule on said:

    Wow its amazing. I’m glad you had your camera with you and you shared. I’ve never seen a rainbow like it. Its an emotion envoking image!

  14. Found your site with the Random button on Photoblogring. I see many familiar names in the comment list. Man, I am glad to have found your site, many beautiful shots jumped out at me. This rainbow shot is spectacular.

  15. Wonderful scene !
    I agree with you, most of the time in such cases, a photo doesn’t show the colors as intensively as they did appear…

  16. very lucky – a special moment!
    You did well to get an interesting composition – I would have been too distracted to worry about it…

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