A Winning Battle

A Winning BattleAnother shot of the Austin fire. The sun was just a little bit higher in the sky which created a very different look. Nobody was hurt in this fire although a lot of property was damaged.




  1. clarence says:

    I prefer this one to yesterday’s, I guess the closer view of the firefighter makes it.

  2. This is an incredible shot Andy. I almost want to say a “once in a lifetime” shot, given the superb quality of light and the way you captured it.

  3. Gary says:

    wow amazing shot, so much going on with the reflections, smoke, silhouettes..(hope no one was injured here)

  4. Hza says:

    Awesome shot Andy..I like the overall color tones captured.

  5. prasoon says:

    lovely color tones n thence, a nice silhoutte of that fireman.. was anyone hurt?

  6. Joe says:

    Nice shot, Andy. I really like the the way you framed it – the sun peeking through the ladder and the reflection / energy captured by the firefighters in the center. Great stuff!

  7. Carter says:

    Andy, this is a brilliant shot. I was a little dissapointed with yesterday’s post, I thought for sure you had not seized a golden photographic opportunity, but you have certainly made up for it with this one. Great shot, Great edit. Keep up the good work


  8. i also like this shot more than yesterday’s. i think it works better because of the lack of details in the shadows, which is why i suggested in the other shot to darken the shadows (i thought i did at least, lol). i dont know if including the firetruck on the right adds or detracts the overall effect of this image. perhaps cropping it out? i’m sure many will disagree, but give it a shot to see what you prefer.

  9. laanba says:

    Wow, this shot is great too. Instant classic. I loved yesterday’s shot, but this one is even better. I can see now why you forgot all about your disappointment when you happened upon this scene.

  10. Oh wow, great photo journalism shots here. Love the fireman silhouttes. Fabulous.

  11. cary says:

    Now, I’m conflicted. I still like the confusion of the last shot, but this one has the clarity of “Mission Accomplished.” Good job, Andy.

  12. The dramatic lighting and composition really puts this one over the top!

  13. Jennifer says:

    Very interesting shot. I agree that the firefighter makes the scene, though the water on the ground reflecting everything is nice as well.

  14. geof says:

    Another great shot. Light is amazing.

  15. This is Pulitzer-Prize material. Beautiful.

  16. ROB says:

    Outstanding shot. You have captuered the mood, the emotion, the loss all in one. Brilliant.

  17. Craig says:

    I not visited since “Fenced Austerity” and I’ve loved all since. These last 2 are full of your/BlueHourBlog’s style and feel but the subject matter is so different. Nice change and great pics!

  18. Jeff O. says:

    This couldn’t have happened at a better time of the day. It’s great you even have nice detail in the shadows. You have captured this moment just about perfectly.

  19. KK says:

    Wow, powerful and dramatic shot, I love how the light is in this photo, it gives it a classic feel to it.

  20. Julien says:

    WHAHOoooo, brillant ! Splendid photograhy ! The timing, framing, colors, contrast, subject … really excellent job.

  21. GeoS says:

    Amazing shoot. This sunset in background, smoke in the middle and the fireman on first plan – all of it makes for me this photo very good :)

  22. Jean says:

    Quelle lumière !
    Effet dramatique !
    Les reflets dans l’eau accentuent cette impression de surnaturel .

  23. Still says:

    Gorgeous goldy colors on this one… I like its tense atmosphere

  24. jasonspix says:

    Wow, that’s awesome. Not that there was a fire, you know, but your capture of what’s going on is amazing.

  25. Tisha says:

    What an incredible shot!

  26. mj-w says:

    great capture!

  27. Alan Graham says:

    Definitely a capture you’ll still be proud of in 20 years time, this is Superb in all the different ways mentioned by others. It’s sad that this building has been destroyed by the fire, but amazing that you have captured such a good shot. There’s nothing else I can say that has not already been said. Enjoy your rest, Andy.

  28. kikko77 says:

    superb shot

  29. Joy says:

    Such an emotional capture. Previous comments have said it all. Looking forward to further photos, as always.

  30. Rahul says:

    This photograph is HOT!!.. just rocks.. wonderful composition and you were lucky to be present when this tragedy occurred

  31. super!

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