Accidental Abstract

This is an accidental exposure made when I tripped the shutter while carrying my camera on a tripod. I was using my remote switch and inadvertently did this a number of times. I thought I had deleted them all so I was a bit surprised when I found this image still intact. I’m pretty sure that’s a tree trunk in there but I’m not sure what the rest of it is. Leaves maybe? I may have to think twice about deleting those accidental firings in the future.

As far as processing goes, the only thing I did was increase the contrast and saturation a bit.




  1. pixibition says:

    accidently awesome:-P…really cool abstract look…nice color and textures:-)

  2. Caryn says:

    It reminds me of a waterfall in the desert, where I live. A lovely display of color and movement.

  3. dimitri says:

    wow… thats so beautiful. like marble or something. a great accident, without a doubt.

  4. micki says:

    A happy accident, indeed!! Nice abstract!

  5. Jonathan says:

    oh nice man !! O almost see a face there !.. really nice.. really !

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