Afternoon Reverie

This is the last of the Blanco River shots. It was taken late in the afternoon just before sunset.




  1. cary says:

    I love your moving water shots. Always the sense of movement, but in a calm way…

  2. MTFanders says:

    Now that I know the 'rest of the story'… Like this post better than the previous, Andy. If there wasn't a tripod in the water, you did a great job hand-holding this shot.

  3. Gary says:

    lovely flow and light

  4. Jason Ertel says:



  5. ROB says:

    Wow, and what a great vantage. Either you got wet or went very close to it.

  6. Mark says:

    Very dynamic composition – I like this shot.

  7. Thats really nice!

  8. jt says:

    I really like the capture of the movement in the water. It works well with the the tree.

  9. Angry Buddha says:

    I love this! Another classic shot.

  10. Photo Buffet says:

    This is like visual music. Lovely in so many ways…

  11. so nice

  12. Andy says:

    Love the shot: the water is amazing. And if one pays attention to the tree trunk they can see how light is captured travelling along with the water, oozed from the sun in the background.

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