All Smiles

This is a picture of my son taken about a year ago. It’s really just a quick candid but the intensity of the lighting has always drawn me back to it.




  1. Dylan Neild says:

    Great portrait. The lighting and the shadows it creates really make this work – and of course, the expression on his face is perfect.

  2. Tisha says:

    Just to let you know, I am taking him from you – just kidding , great picture, Ethan always photographs so well.

  3. That is sooo cool, funny as soon as the page loaded, it just made me smile!! Dont you just love the sound of laughing kids!!

  4. wim says:

    Fabulous portrait. I agree with Dylan that the lighting and shadow works damn good! I also like the contour of the shadow. Great job!

  5. kikko77 says:

    Lovely. Superb framing.

  6. Dawn says:

    This makes me happy! Great shot.

  7. Alec Long says:

    Agreed–the light is superb. Love his smile, too. :)

  8. Brian says:

    Very nice portrait, and I like the presence of the strong shadow behind him. His hands make it look like he’s just boiling over with joy :)

  9. anders says:

    excellent portrait. the light is just superb, as his expression. keep it up.

  10. Ed says:


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  11. tuan says:

    aww he even has rosey red cheeks. This fella will be popular with the ladies when he grows up ;)

  12. noushin says:

    All your photos are great, I found you through the “durham township” blog. This one is absolutely a pleasant shot.

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