An Ominous Path

Storm clouds hang low and threatening over this gravel road. I was kind of disappointed that there wasn’t any lightning in this storm but considering the fact that I was out photographing in a bunch of flat, open fields it was probably a good thing.




  1. Skarr says:

    Wow… what an image. Just awesome! Where was this taken?

  2. tuan says:

    wow, talk about being in the right place at the right time! this is really beautiful

  3. Dave says:

    What a terrific sky!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful photograph.. wish I could get shots like this!

  5. Stuart says:

    Very nice image!

  6. Brian says:

    An ominous path indeed – quite opposite to the Image of the week (nice new addition, btw – I like it).

  7. anders says:

    other than that the road is brown (i’m not very fond of mixing colour and b/w), i like this a lot — simple and nice amount of contrast. i love clouds :)

  8. pixibition says:

    wow..i really like the strong contrast of bw in the sky with the open space perspective and landscape… give this photo a powerful and grand:-)

  9. Neil says:

    Excellent moody shot! I love stormy skies!

  10. Paul says:

    Really, really nice image. I particularly like the contrast between the straight lines of the road and the chaotic jumble of the clouds.

  11. @lbedo says:

    Very dramatic sky, and the contrast is excellent !

  12. Marina says:

    The light is awesome!

  13. AlanG says:

    Very ominous and powerful…

  14. Nik says:

    Very atmospheric, sharp, clear and a pleasure to view.

  15. Nate says:

    Andy, I’ve been slacking off on my photoblog, but it’s blogs like yours that are inspiring me to start photoblogging again. This landscape shot of your leaves me in awe. I’m starting to see a lot more talent then I use too. So keep up the good work. Your shots are tremendous!

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