Beauty and Chaos

I traveled to Austin yesterday morning in an attempt to shoot the skyline in the blue hour. Unfortunately the spot I had chosen to shoot from turned out to be no good and I didn’t have time to relocate before the light changed. Disappointed, I decided to explore the downtown area to find a better vantage point for my next attempt. In the process, I came across this building on fire. Most of the streets around the fire were blocked off so I parked and ran the three blocks to where the action was. It was an amazing site and when the sun began to rise up through the smoke, I forgot all about my previous disappointment.



16 comments on “Beauty and Chaos

  1. I think its a nice shot. But i wish the fireman was more black I think it would give the shot better balance perhaps?


  2. The apparent lack of contrast on the fireman is caused by the smoke surrounding him. I have some other shots without the thick smoke where the contrast is higher but I thought this one was more interesting.

  3. Dennis Rogers on said:

    Wow Andy. What a catch. So many emotions surrounding a fire. Your “amazement” was, I’m certain, balanced by a fair share of dread. I, of course, would much rather be in your shoes and have the opportunity to catch the amazing event of fire!!

  4. Amazing colors! Excellent shot.

  5. Very striking Photograph.

  6. Tin - on said:

    i agree with carter. however the image is still strong and moody.

  7. Dan :: on said:

    Pretty friggin amazing action/news shot. I partcicularly love the obscured view of the fireman in the basket. Just right for me!

  8. Good timing – too bad property was damaged, but the shot is an amazing view.

  9. very powerful scene you’ve caught here

  10. pixibition on said:

    great fire rescue scene. the reflection in the water and smoke adds the drama in the image:-) great capture!

  11. I totally disagree with carter. It’s perfect the way it is. The fireman up in the smoke gives a nice contrast to the chaos on the street. A great shot – hope that nobody was hurt…

  12. Thanks for the comments, everyone. As far as I know, nobody was hurt. However, there were several businesses in the building that were gutted.

  13. Wow, I love all the water everywhere, and the red through the smoke, awesome.

  14. Very striking shot. Action packed and full of drama. Perfect title, hope no one was hurt.

  15. Very cool shot. Love everything that you’ve captured in it!

  16. the Image point on said:

    Very intense…nice job

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