Chase the Photographer

After trying unsuccessfully to get my 3-year-old son to pose for me in a field of Bluebonnets I decided to go for more of a candid approach. I simply told him and my nephew (in the background) to chase me and try to grab the camera which I was holding in front of me. After dozens of shots from various angles and elevations, I finally got one I really liked. The built in flash was used for fill since I was shooting into the sun. No Photoshop tricks were used for this one. The blur is a result of the wide angle lens and camera movement.

Important: Don’t let the kids actually catch the camera as massive lens smudging from dirty little hands can occur. :-)




  1. Neil says:

    Great effect, were you running backwards? Looks a little dangerous, glad you didn’t trip up!

  2. geof says:

    Your son looks like his grabbed the backdrop and pulling it down. Great take !

  3. micki says:

    Worth all of the effort on your part. This one is defintely a keeper!!

  4. Fabulous shot! I love the order that came from the chaos. I’m particularly struck by your nephew and how he’s backlite right in the sun – amazing! Oh, not to mention a strong Superman feel to this one ;) Love it.

  5. kikko77 says:


  6. lovely ‘hip shot’ – youre very brave!

  7. Caryn says:

    Excellent! The picture seems to move even as I look at it, and the composition is wonderful. Such a joyful picture; it captures childhood very well.

  8. Earl says:

    Aaaaahhh! Don’t touch the lens. Don’t touch the lens! That’s pretty funny. I have a bunch of finger prints to clean off myself.

  9. This is wonderful… The angle is perfect and so is the blur. And the near-silhouette of your nephew in the background makes the shot look nearly surreal! This one is great.

  10. pixibition says:

    wow..something different…i like looking motion effect:-) the angle and perdpective r great….two boys r enjoy chasing photographer:-P

  11. prasoon says:

    wow – no wonder u had taken so many shots to get the final shot which equals n shows all ur efforts..
    the best part – there are no effects in here – much like the few recent ones i posted :) – camera movement does wonders sometimes

  12. Tuan says:

    ooh slow flash sync. wonderfully pulled off.

  13. Will says:

    Great shot, one happy kid. AWesome

  14. KK says:

    hahaha what a fun shot! I love it! fantastic effects too and I love the silhouette of that other boy.

  15. Murray says:

    Excellent image, Andy, and it’s not just because they are my grandsons (smile).

  16. Phil says:

    What a fun shot. Its also so clear, the skin tones are perfect. This is how I get portraits too. I dont bother getting them to pose as such, but more to position them (or myself)infront of the camera , rather than behind it, and take candid shots.

  17. hza says:

    Good to see some portraits once in a while. He looks like a handful!

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