Chrome Plated Insectivore

Chrome Plated InsectivoreBeware of these guys! Yes, it may look like just another harmless, plant eating grasshopper but the death mandibles on this ferocious beast will rip right through your skin. I’ve seen these creatures take down moths and small pets. You’ve been warned!

I’m heading to the beach this weekend so hopefully I’ll come back with some new photos and a little more energy.




  1. jt says:

    I like the chrome effect on this. The angle is good too. Nice shot!

  2. cary says:

    Oh no! It's Hopper!

  3. Jon says:

    Great composition and the DOF is perfect. I think the B&W brings out the detail nicely too.

  4. Neil says:

    A bit of a departure from the norm, but a very striking one at that! Great shot!

  5. Tuan says:

    great macro! don't often see these coming from you. very nice!

  6. How did you manage to survive long enough to get the shot! Great shot.

  7. Heather says:

    I love this! I would have never thought to do a macro like this in black and white.

  8. micki says:

    Amazing! He does look like he's wearing armor in b&w! Excellent work!

    Have fun at the beach!

  9. Troy says:

    Nice one. Although color is often touted as the medium of macro, I like a good detailed monochrome like this to emphasize the texture.

  10. Darkness says:

    Great macro! Love the sharpness here!

  11. Nancy says:

    Amazing details captured! Although this is a little frightening for me (not a huge bug fan) this is a lovely shot!

  12. NJP3 says:

    Im not much of a macro fan but this is really cool!

  13. Oh my god!! This is GREAT!! I actually popped back from my screen. Oh, and thanks for the warning. ;)

  14. Roger says:

    Great macro!

  15. Quenton says:

    Je suis vraiment impréssionné par la qualitée gde cette photo!

  16. Andy says:

    Thanks for the comments everyone. All joking aside, these creatures are somewhat dangerous. I'm not really sure what species of grasshopper this is but they really are quite large and aggressive. I held this one on a stick with one hand and the camera in the other. Their mandibles can rip through your skin like it's butter and I've seen them munching on moths and other insects. They're some bad dudes, although quite colorful and photogenic.

  17. deceptive says:


  18. pixibition says:

    stunning detail…love the surface and texture look silvery like metal:-) great shot!

  19. jasonspix says:

    That's a crazy shot. Fabulous detail.

  20. Charles says:


  21. Garth says:

    As my almost two year old daughter would say "Look at that! Look at that!"

    It is a chilling capture

  22. noushin says:

    Amazing detail, I like the glossy look on his skin.

  23. Hza says:

    Great macro Andy!!

  24. Kris says:

    Spectacular shot man!!

  25. Incredible shot! Really nice detail Andy.

  26. Kennie says:

    Simply awesome!

  27. Jesper says:

    Great macro with fantastic processing! I love the way you've made it look like an iron sculpture or sci-fi creature. Great work!

  28. A fantastiv macro, and the B&w conversion is perfekt.

  29. Fantastic detail! Good interpretation, and use of colour.. Fabulous work.. What equipment are you running?

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