Day’s End

Day's End

























This is the last shot from an afternoon of driving some local back roads. I passed by this windmill just as the sun was setting and I couldn’t resist. I know it’s somewhat of a Texas cliche but I like it.




  1. Tuan says:

    oooh nice! i love the deep colours and the ‘wavy’ clouds.

  2. DeWaun says:

    Wow, that sky is silky smooth like angel hair. Very nice!

  3. @lbedo says:

    It’s beautiful !
    I love how the sky goes from this glowing yellow to deep blue…

  4. Frank says:

    Thats very nice. Wonderfull colours and very impressive clouds.

  5. Jeremy says:

    I suppose a windmill is a windmill but when I saw this I just thought Australia.

  6. Great shot!
    This brings back those memories of being out in the country at grandma and grandpa’s farm, listening to the crickets as the sun goes down, bullfrogs in the distance, that slight late day breeze.
    Thanks for the memories!

  7. Ed says:

    I really like pictures like these, reminds me of that time of the day, when you reflect on what has happened, and then throw it to the sky.

  8. pixibition says:

    i love windmill, but never get the good shot of them….this one is my favorite..wt a nice color in the sky:-)

  9. Joe Lencioni says:

    It’s good to see some silhouette shots–I’ve been thinking about doing a series of silhouettes. I like the colors and the darkness of the overall shot, but the composition seems just a bit off. I’d like to see it with the windmill anchored on the left maybe… or the left and right sides extended to make a square crop. I bet that this would work really well as the center panel in a triptych. Keep up the good work. I look forward to your stuff.

  10. Still says:

    Amazing dark series on your last shots . Happy new year for us and so, the hope of a lot of beautiful photo for us..:-)

  11. izzy says:

    great shot! the sky is amazing!

  12. Sublime sky and light!

  13. Nate says:

    Man I’ve been off the blogs again for a few days and come back to some awesome stuff, as usual. I love this windmill and the color of the sky behind it. This is great.

  14. jasonspix says:

    Very impressive

  15. Jean says:

    Quelle belle photo !!
    La lumière , les couleurs , les lignes , tout est parfait !

  16. Tom says:

    Very nice sunset shot. Contrast is sublime.

  17. SteveO says:

    Beautiful sky, love this shot.

  18. Hza says:

    beautiful picture andy.

  19. pierre says:

    Extremely good stuff mate.

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