Don’t Try This at Home

I was behind the camera on this one trying to fend off any stray fireballs that got too close. Good times.




  1. Andriy says:

    Very cool. Now let's talk about dangers of profession :)

  2. Neil says:

    Now THAT looks dangerous!!!!!!

  3. P.J. says:

    Holy smokes! Great capture!

  4. Wow, thats amazing, personally not sure I would stand this close but hey you only live once.

  5. Gary says:

    the goddess of fire

  6. Angry Buddha says:

    Ouch, my eye! I got a spark in my eye! Great work. This is a really cool shot.

  7. ROB says:

    Well I sure agree with the title of the image. Nothing like the full protection of jeans and a cotton shirt when working with fireworks!

  8. kewl! can i invite you to live up a party in the future? hehe how much?

  9. Sindril says:

    That guy es muy macho in my book! Love the hair! Great shot too…

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