Downtown Houston

Once the home of Enron, Chevron has now taken up residence in these very reflective buildings in downtown Houston. I know this because a security guard on the street informed me that Chevron would “prefer” that I didn’t take pictures of their buildings. Well, Chevron, I would prefer not to pay $2.50 for a gallon of gas so I guess we can’t have it all, can we?

In any case, I continued to photograph the buildings despite Chevron’s misgivings. The security guard seemed somewhat embarrassed about making such a ridiculous demand. After all, he was only following orders so I reassured him that I wasn’t a terrorist or engaging in some type of corporate espionage.

I do find it laughable though that a company thinks they can demand someone stop taking photos from a public sidewalk of a building that’s in plain sight. Perhaps they should put out a notice demanding the immediate removal of any image featuring the Houston skyline.

End of rant. Back to happyland. :)

Photo Notes: HDR shot at 10mm




  1. P.J. says:

    Great story to go with the image. Too funny what people think they can do!

  2. Angry Buddha says:

    Damn the man! Great shot!

  3. Fantastically creative architectural shot. fyi: I found you via a link from

  4. wardy says:

    Good story – at least the guard seemed embarrassed to ask. Nice shot – certainly a change of pace for you as far as subjects – I've never seen evidence of you being in my neck of the woods!

  5. .:CushmoK:. says:

    beautiful quality for this architectural shot..

  6. tony starr says:

    very cool..

  7. Barbro says:

    A great shot and a very entertaining story to accompany it. Love how the buildings are reflected in that high rise.

  8. A Marques says:

    Fantastic photo… The colors, the respective, all perfect…
    Oh, and the story…
    Keep up the nice work. I'll be here to see it.

  9. elaine says:

    greta angle and perspective! love the reflections

  10. Wow! Great sense of height in this one..
    Please feel free to submit updates/tutorials from your excellent blog at

  11. pixibition says:

    cool frame…i like the angle and patterns from the buildings:-))

  12. Claus says:

    Great frameing of the skyscrapers with that other building..

  13. tisha says:

    Well, now you can change the beginning of that story to 3.05 a gallon.

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