Dune Bridge

This little bridge provided a walkway over the dunes from the house we were staying at and the rental office. In the evening, the sun would set behind us and create some great portrait lighting which I took advantage as much as possible.




  1. Gary says:

    nice picture

  2. Saroy says:

    Nice one, I love all the tones in it. The rope has a very cool texture as well.

  3. pixibition says:

    curve lines of the rope is great focal point…really nice tone of bw:-)

  4. Brian says:

    Very nice, I like the use of B/W here. Those puffs of smoke in the background make me curious.

  5. tuan says:

    whoa, I would love to live at a house with that outside my door!

  6. Neil says:

    Really like the texture in this shot, enhanced by the black and white! personall, I would have been tempted to clone out the birds flying past as they distract me slightly.

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