Early Morning Bovines

Mornings are getting cooler (slightly) and lately I’ve been seeing a bit of fog which makes me think autumn in on the way. I pass by this field every day on my way to work but this morning the light fog turned it into something a little more interesting.



20 comments on “Early Morning Bovines

  1. Alec Long on said:

    Beautiful colors. Very rich scene.

  2. dylan neild on said:

    Cool shot – the colour of the sky is really lovely and the shadowy cows in the foreground really draw in the eye.

  3. Beautiful, soft pink hue in the sky. Nice decision on cow-composition too :)

  4. The colour of the sky is bewildering! You must start work pretty early hey?

  5. Seems like a picture in a dream. THeres serenity also.

  6. Dennis Rogers on said:

    Hey, I thought I had exclusive use of beautiful skies living in Montana. ;-) Great image Andy. I can tell you that, for me, it would’ve been ruined if a single cow had its head up. There’s an added peacefulness with each one grazing.

  7. Christopher Trottier on said:

    That is stunningly beautiful

  8. This is truly spectacular. You could not have ordered better light in the scene. Well done.

  9. what a great soft pink sky, nice framing as well.

  10. What a relaxing scene. Early morning?

  11. yeah ! nice capture . lovely pink !

  12. Lucky guy – gets to pass a scene like this on the way to work. Me? I get to see industrial all the way…

  13. Beautiful, very peaceful.

  14. myrtle Beach on said:

    Very nice – you had some help from above with the scattered pink sky but did a good job capturing it.

  15. Looks peaceful, beautiful, nice photo.

  16. That’s fabulous! The hues are out of this world!

  17. peaceful

  18. Marius Muscalu on said:

    nice landscape …

  19. Kathleen on said:

    Yowwwwwwwwwwza! GORGEOUS!

  20. Wow!
    Wonderful shot!
    Color of the sky is amazing. Perspective view is also nice.

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