I have a several shots of this old house that I’ll be posting over the next few days. It was quite a mess and looked about ready to fall down. I probably wouldn’t enter a building like this during the summer because of Rattlesnakes and I was probably pushing my luck even now. Then again, sometimes the risk is just worth taking.




  1. Gary says:

    nice, like the opposing green-magenta tones

  2. Adam Dalziel says:

    yeha ti was worth the risk – these houses are so damn creepy – it makes me uncomfartable just looking at this picture – like somebody is going to peer around the door frame any second – great capture of the atmoshpere – ok now i have to go – before i get too creeped out

  3. demetrice says:

    the tones really make this stand out. i like the makeshift cage in the corner. reminds me of something out of the blair witch project.

  4. I like this picture. These old buildings don't scare me, but the word entropy does. Sad isn't it–we fall in on ourselves.



  5. Gri says:

    Wow, very nice atmosphere and lightning!

  6. Kris says:

    Stunnig picture! Hdr I guess? It's so freakin' cool to look at!

  7. micki says:

    My younger son was on my lap looking at this beautiful image with me, he just loved the sunlight coming through the holes in the roof. Lots of ooooo's on his part!

    Looking forward to seeing more of this place!

  8. SteveO says:

    Very nice photo, i love the little rays of light coming through the hole in the roof above the door. Rattlesnakes arn't something we photographers have to contend with in England :-)

  9. pixibition says:

    great shot….nice texture and compostion:-) beautiful light from the roof:-)

  10. geof says:

    Greta shafts of light. Look forward to the rest.

  11. leeroy says:

    Those light rays are to die for!

  12. clarence says:

    C'mon!! Rattlesnakes is why I would go INTO the building. Gotta get some snake shots.

  13. As always, brilliant shot. Love the composition, don't love the rattlesnakes! Looking forward to more.

  14. Tuan says:

    the light coming through the roof is a nice touch.

  15. Julka says:

    I haven't been here for a while and I saw the new design just now – I liked the previous one better,but if U say this one's better for u…than OK – hope the shots will be as good(or even better) as they are :)

  16. Great lightning once again! Nice tones & lovely atmosphere…

  17. KK says:

    eearie yet soothing. I missed a couple of your shots, just backtracked them. Always love your old house series. Very moody. Now if only I can find a crack version of Lucisart ;)

  18. Andrei says:

    One of the best photos i've seen lately! Great work!

  19. Lovely shot this – love the light coming in through the rafters

  20. How very creepy and cool. Nicely done!

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