Ethan in the Woods

I’ve been doing a little experimenting today, trying to emulate the look achieved by photographers like Dave Hill and Jim Fiscus. I’ve got along way to go but it’s still fun to play. I used LucisArt in this one, along with some “painting” in vivid light mode and various blend modes. I’ll probably create a tutorial once I’m happy with the process.




  1. ndiginiz says:

    Tena koe ehoa
    Like the flash quality of the image/processing. The contrast of natural and man-made material si great.

  2. matt says:

    this looks pretty good to me. is it natural light on the boy? looks artificial.

  3. J says:

    Excellent news! Looking forward greatly to seeing further tutorials. Whatever techniques you are applying does an excellent job of adding a 3-dimensional quality to this image.

  4. Nice job, the effect from Lucisart is very nice. I tried painting with vivid light on a couple of things and I find it difficult due to it blowing out quick, would be interested in seeing how this is done.

  5. wonderful portrait! Hey – I got my photo in the mail! Thanks a bunch! It will be framed soon!

  6. Andy says:

    Thanks for the comments, everyone. The lighting is from an off-camera flash. I'll be experimenting with different lighting and processing techniques in the days to come. I'm also going to try and come up with a technique that doesn't use Lucisart for folks that don't have the plugin.

  7. Ralf says:

    Great sharpness, perfect colors! The boy's face is a little too bright though I would have liked more skintones. Still great shot! If you would like to contribute some pictures to my site for artistic photo, I would be more than happy! Our screeners will give you expert feedback on every picture you upload, and if you upload at least one picture you can post your photoblog-adress so that even more people will have the pleasure of finding it! I hope you could find some inspiration there too.

  8. Quenton says:

    Dommage je l'aurais aprécié sans Flash,ou sans la lumière sur son visage

  9. deceptive says:

    Fabulous portrait and processing.

  10. Ralf says:

    I'm still a fan, give me a chance and check my site out! A lot of famous photographers have already joined! Unlike and flickr we are a small personal community where every photographer get a lot of attention.

  11. Lovely shot!

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