Fenced Austerity

Fenced AusterityI’ve passed by this tree numerous times but never photographed it until now. It’s been dead for years so I’m guessing the only reason it hasn’t been cut down is because it looks so dang cool.



31 comments on “Fenced Austerity

  1. I love trees like this. Great lighting on it.

  2. amanda leigh on said:

    wow, this is a great shot. i love the tones, it really makes it more dramatic.

  3. Very dramatic shot of a very dramatic tree. I love trees dead or alive !

  4. Alec Long on said:

    OMG, Andy. This is spectacular!

  5. Great shot, great lighting.

  6. pixibition on said:

    great find for this tree, really nice shapes and lines…beautiful landscape and sky as alwyas:-) i like the sepia tone also:-)

  7. WOOOOW!!! Fantastic choice of hues!! Great subject, marvelous as usual.

  8. Michael Brown on said:

    Dramatic lighting and tones, outstanding composition, …. you just gotta love it!!!

  9. What a cool tree. It was just waiting for you to come photograph it! Hopefully it will stay up for some more dramatic photos like this one.

  10. William Durham on said:

    Awesome! Composition, tone and the lighting make this very dramatic and draw me in. Well done!

  11. Oh, I love dead trees like that, they are so sharp and violent looking. It reminds me of a hill a few miles away from where I live, which is the highest point for several miles and gets struck by lightening, so there are lots of dead trees there like that.

  12. Dan :: genestho.ca on said:

    Yep – looks DANG cool!! Like a post-apocalyptic scene… Lovely tones that really capture the essence of the feeling. Nice one!

  13. I love this shot. Very grabbing.

  14. Oh man this is awsome. Dont know why but isolated and esp desolate trees just pop.

  15. Heatheranne on said:

    This photo reminds me of Ansel Adams. I really think it’s just as good!

  16. prasoon on said:

    this one’s a stunning capture :)

  17. Very elegant and beautiful. Love the coloring.

  18. noushin on said:

    Great capture, I love how it’s off centered a bit.

  19. Victor on said:

    I love that tree and you really pick a good color, it’s so dramatic!

  20. Just fantastic once again Andy!

  21. Strong shot of this tortured tree. Great light

  22. Jennifer on said:

    What a beautiful tree. It would be a travesty to cut it down.

  23. Another beautiful shot. I keep looking forward to your shots…

  24. seriocomic on said:

    I agree – you captured this perfectly

  25. Mystery Me on said:

    Very cool indeed.

  26. What a wonderful old tree, very cool with the reduced colors. This is what I call a perfect shot.

  27. jeremy on said:

    Very Walker Evans.

  28. jasonspix on said:

    Very cool indeed. Nice find.

  29. Awesome! I love the tones in this shot.

  30. Rahul on said:

    Wonderful shot

  31. Great photo, like the whole composition of this photo.

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