Fighting Vertigo

This is another shot of the old Gonzales jail. I wonder how prisoners felt being led to their dark, musty cells for the first time. It must have been a miserable place, especially in the summer with no air conditioning.




  1. Kevin says:

    Andy…another nice shot. how did you get your blog so popular–just blog explosion and photoblogs? How does Chromasia get 48 comments for every picture? you guys are crazy.

  2. JoJo says:

    Uff! que miedo


  3. Crash says:

    oy … this place would make me so friggin miserable! nice photo though ..

  4. Mike says:

    you really capture the misery and isolation well in this shot.

  5. pierre says:

    ah the texture and lighting are really great. I like these tones

  6. dylan neild says:

    This shot really captures the mood of this place. One can only hope that when it was used as a prison it was a tiny bit more lit than it is in your photo – the darkness must have overwhelming.

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