Fire Spiral #1

I really like the work of Stu Jenks and I decided to give the whole flaming spiral thing a try. For this shot, I taped a Zippo lighter to a wire clothes hanger that I had dismantled. I then stood on a ladder and swung the flaming contraption in a spiral around the rock. As you can see, it’s very difficult to get nice concentric circles using this method. However, since it’s my first attempt, I’ll let it slide. ;-)



28 comments on “Fire Spiral #1

  1. The spiral looks great to me, Andy – your use of interesting techniques is always eye opening

  2. Dean M. Beattie on said:

    This is cool as hell, I love the colors, and how the rock just seems to be glowing. Look forward to seeing more of these.

  3. Love it, and especially as it was a first attempt. Success I would say.

    And nice job of describing how it was done too.

  4. Amazing stuff
    well done and thanks for sharing this technique

  5. Amazing.

  6. Wow. Very cool effect. What a great idea. Nice photo creation.

  7. jmfausti on said:

    That is an amazing photo. Nice work!

  8. WOW!

  9. that’s neat, looks almost like a snake

  10. pixibition on said:

    really cool…the motion of the twist flame r fantastic…great capture:-)

  11. AsceticMonk on said:

    Almost magical!

  12. Looks very interesting. Great work!

  13. holy cow!!! this is bloody amazing!!!

  14. Very cool shot!

  15. awesome. and thanks for sharing how it was done!

  16. Wow. The creative juices have no bounds! I think I’ll list that one for my choice until I win again… :)

  17. this is a great piece!

  18. I think it looks great just the way it is. Are you familiar with the work of Andy Goldsworthy? You might like it…

  19. Ohhhh so cool! I might give it a try!

  20. I love it Andy, great shot. How did you keep the zippo from going out, did you just swing it slowly?

  21. definitely cool! very psychadelic, I can just imagine a group of hippes salivating over this image.

  22. Charlotte on said:

    Yep wicked shot – that’s it, I’ve decided I’m going to have a go too!

  23. brita lomba on said:

    This photo was well worth the effort you went to – its a crazy, alive and wondrous spiral. I really like your site.

  24. Anonymous on said:


  25. damn that’s hot! ;)

  26. michael singer on said:

    a fire sculpture is an awsome idea!
    great photo!

  27. Unbelievable. That’s an incredible shot. I can’t believe that was your first attempt. Bravo.

  28. Stu Jenks on said:

    Nice job…yea, to get a nice organic line that looks naturally occuring is tough…but very nice job…..honored that you took my idea to another level


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