FirepaintI’d like to thank everyone for all the nice comments I’ve received on this series. Hopefully I can continue to experiment and try new techniques without becoming repetitive. This image was shot using the techniques described in previous posts. The exposure time was 51 seconds at f/5, ISO 400.




  1. jasonspix says:

    Fascinating technique. Very cool.

  2. mari says:

    Cool. I see you’re getting better at the technique. Looks dangerously fun.

  3. Brian says:

    Except for the swirling, almost looks like a little time-lapse of a dynamite fuse. That, too, would make for an interesting study :P

  4. peter says:

    nice series. Think this one could be even better with something interesting in it – say a silhouette of the person? Very cool though

  5. Kevin says:

    Another nice one Andy…I think you should have a person sit in the criss cross position and do the fire around them…instead of a rock. it would look much more fascinating. Hopefully I’ll get to try this technique soon.

  6. Rich says:

    Very nice!

  7. This is outstanding stuff. Great experimentation and creativity. I’m lovin’ it.

  8. leo says:

    Interesting shot. Great concept, the lighting works well. Very surreal.

  9. This is such an unique shot….very original…

  10. ninek says:

    the idea is just great and so are the shots.

  11. kikko77 says:

    fire come with me

    great to see the flames playing around the bush

  12. I do like the flames but they seem to be distracting me from the gorgeous background colors. Keep this up I regard your experimentation highly.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Very impressive shot. The technique is great and the choice of the place is striking. Thanks

  14. Nik says:

    Fine shot except for the blur on the left. A tip could be to take two pictures, one which freezes the water a bit and then overlay the 51s exposed picture on top of that to make the burning even more surreal

  15. hey just came upon your site. Some amazing shots!

  16. Jordan says:

    This is completely killer. Awesome work!

  17. Neil says:

    As with the other shots, this is incredible, but the flame sets it apart (yet again!)

  18. KK says:

    wow!!! this is absolutely amazing!!!! great one andy and thanks for the email :) i have a new blog now :)

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