Geriatric Ford

I did some shooting in downtown San Marcos on Saturday evening. I haven’t done any night photography in a while so it was nice to get back in touch with my first love. Although I wasn’t shooting my usual subject matter, I thoroughly enjoyed just being out in the cool serenity that comes with the night.




  1. Earl says:

    "Who's the guy walking around at night taking pictures of my truck?" Do you ever get that one?

  2. cary says:

    DOn't see that model of Ford Stepside too often. Nice shot, good composure.

    By the by, the frame hunt continues…

  3. micki says:

    I've never seen a shot like this from you. I LOVE it, this is a classic.

  4. Tuan says:

    talk about contrasting subjects haha. that car really needs a makeover.

  5. Roger says:

    Cool shot. This could be taken years ago.

  6. HI My first time to your site…I must say I am very impressed with your photography but at times it is a little over processed for my taste….that doesn't mean it's not very well done…personal taste I guess. As for this shot I adore it….plain simple…it is what it is and it is done perfectly. Great shot…I look forward to looking more. Phil

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