Gulf Storm

I was playing around with some photos from the archive tonight. This one is from my trip to Port Aransas last September.




  1. P.J. says:

    Good image, well done! The water and the sky look awesome! I love that sand, too!

  2. Wee Keat says:

    amazing shot. how you achieve such fine balance in the exposure of the subject and the rest of the photo is mind-boggling. salutes!

  3. Muffy Tyrone says:

    This is absolutely incredible photo. The range of colors is huge and the lighting is perfect.

    I'm very curious if any manipulation was required to ge this result?

  4. Wow, just beautiful. The colors look very natural but still extremely dramatic. I get the feeling that she must be freezing there. It's such a 'cool' image…

  5. ndiginiz says:

    Tena koe ehoa
    Wonderful processing Andy! The scene has been dramatise very well.

  6. Really, really nice (like the rest of your pictures). The dramatic effect is great!

  7. Roberta says:

    That is a very dramatic sky, and provides such contrast against the light of the girl. It would be awesome to photograph these storms rolling in. Glad I get to see them from your perspective!

  8. Angry Buddha says:

    Another great job of post processing. The sky is very ominous.

  9. Nutes! Between the lens and the process, this shot is surreal! Love the contrast and level differences. What a gnarly sky!

  10. Ovidiu says:

    Wonderful colors! I love the processing!

  11. Leisa says:

    The colours and Mood is just wonderful Andy.. another winner :)

  12. incredible light!
    i like the patterns of the woman's dress corresponding to those of the water on the sand.

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