Hamilton Beach, CA

I was in Southern California for a photo shoot this week and decided to take a little drive along the Pacific Coast Highway. This is a morning shot from Hamilton Beach. I used a Singh-Ray Variable ND Filter and a small aperture to slow down the shutter speed and capture the motion of the waves.




  1. The motion blur is really nice! I also like the green/orange tones in the water.

  2. eraser says:

    really emotionally shot…well done

  3. Claus says:

    Nice ues of the different colours in the water!

  4. heather says:

    i like the dischordant feel (is that a word?) to this photo. something about the colors and the motion create a lot of tension for me, and that draws me into it.

  5. MTFanders says:

    Kinda iffy about this post Andy. I haven't commented on it because I'm just not sure of this one.

    PCH is one of my favorite drives.

  6. Kevin G says:

    This needs to be B/W in my opinion. Shot has good blur and texture but the muddy color is aggrivating.

  7. P.J. says:

    As per normal, your images have the best effects! Well done!

  8. jelb says:

    Well done effect..Stunning shot..Bravo!

  9. Photo Buffet says:

    I love the motion. Have you considered trying it in a rich sepia tone?

  10. Clever idea to capture the dynamic nature of the waves,

  11. cary says:

    Been a while since I stopped by, but I see your touch has, if anything, improved. Well done!

  12. Bob Towery says:

    I really love these type of wave pictures and you have done a great job with this one. Awesome!

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