Iced Cactus

Iced Cactus

This isn’t something you see very often in Central Texas. Last week’s ice storm left a thick layer of ice on everything and many trees and branches snapped from the weight. In fact, as I walked around Aquarena Center, I could hear trees snapping and crashing down the hill on the other side of the lake.




  1. james says:

    Crazy weather this year! Chicago is just getting its second snow of the season, it's been unseasonally mild. You gotta love rare sights like this!

  2. P.J. says:

    That is beautiful! Nice capture. Ice can be amazing!

  3. MarkDM says:

    Ice flowers — good eye!

  4. Barbro says:

    This is an amazing and really beautiful image. Must have been a strange sight with everything covered in ice.

  5. Angry Buddha says:

    Very cool image.

  6. Ruhh says:

    Almost looks like a caterpillar from this angle. Either way I'm sure this specimen isn't too happy about it's new coat. Nice capture.

  7. pierre says:

    I thought it was a caterpillar too, well done

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