Jetty Sunrise

This shot was taken in the same location as the previous photo. It’s amazing the difference that a few minutes makes.




  1. Neil says:

    Now I like that! The sun breaking through the cloud is spot on, the colour is lovely.

  2. Neuro says:

    That is an awesome shot! Unbelievable color and contrast. The bird and bouy are creat extra features. Very majestic!

  3. Brian says:

    I would never guess that these two shots were taken minutes apart – it is quite amazing how the light can change. A beautiful moment: the sun peaking out over some very interesting clouds, the bird, the buoy, the colors are just right.

  4. tuan says:

    Sunrises and sunset happen in the blink of an eye don’t they? very beautiful.

  5. tetsu says:

    Cloud is so nice.
    Beautiful photo!

  6. pixibition says:

    color tone is awesome…i like the silhoulette of the bird…really great capture:-)

  7. Janine says:

    Amazing picture! Seems to tell a story to me. Great eye!!

  8. NF says:

    Come on! If the bird had been an inch to the right I might have liked this… try harder!

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