Jump Into the Sky

Jump Into the SkyIt’s cold and rainy today so I’m pulling some stuff from the archive. Care for a dip?



23 comments on “Jump Into the Sky

  1. Awesome photo Andy. I love the vibrancy of the reflection–curves adjustment to that? The water was nice and smooth so it doesn’t alter the way the clouds look in any way…perfect.

  2. Dennis Rogers on said:

    Those clouds are awesome. Excellent capture!

  3. Clouds and water, just like a dream.. Thanks.

  4. pierre on said:

    Very good stuff as usual.
    You’ve got a very good eye man.

  5. Forrest on said:

    Very nice. I enjoy the composition.

  6. kikko77 on said:

    I love the fluffy details of the clouds and the strong colours

  7. jasonspix on said:

    Great relfection. Nicely done.

  8. Different perspectives are a wonderful thing to see. They always make me look differently at things in the future. I love the fact that the browns at the bank stand out, and those clouds and huge, and fluffyyy

  9. wonderful perspective on this, a pool of clouds wow.

  10. Coasta Rica Spanish Immersion on said:

    If you stepped into that pond would the blue come off on you?

  11. Wow. That’s great. The clouds are so much more interesting, perhaps, as reflections.

  12. Superb reflection shot. Makes it look as though the photo is upside down, you’ve caught the reflection that well.

  13. good stuff. a very fitting title too!

  14. Wonderful angle. Just the right blend of dark and light and color.

  15. Rahul Kumar on said:

    Good photo.. great title.. whenever i see still water.. am tempted to throw a stone into it. Cheers

  16. This is a killer.

  17. Claudia on said:

    Very interesting composition here. The reflection of the sky in the water and the golden grass gives an interesting perspective.

  18. beautiful – it’s the contrasting colours of the orangey red grass and the blue reflection that do it for me but also the composition with lots of sky/ water.

  19. deceptive on said:

    Wonderful reflections – excellent shot.

  20. Very nice, and a good find compositionally considering the little leeway you probably had here.

  21. Mark Daniels on said:

    This is a dramatic shot. I love it!

  22. Pasquale on said:

    Hello from Tourin, Italy! I enjoy your print, it’s really wonderful! If you want, you can see my italian photos at http://www.raicaldo.splinder.com!

  23. Angry Buddha on said:


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