Just a Blur

Seconds before this shot was taken I was in the middle of this trestle trying to line up a shot of the collapsed bridge. I was rudely jarred from my focused state by the quite horrifying sound of an air horn emanating from a locomotive bearing down on me. I grabbed my camera and ran. Fast. I was a bit shaken up after jumping off the end of the trestle but with shaking hands, managed to catch the train’s engines as they passed by. It was quite a rush, although I never want to do it again.

As mentioned in a previous post, I also made a grizzly discovery while in this area. Shortly after I began exploring around the trestle, I found five dead cows in the ravine. They were all in various states of decay so it was obvious they had died at different times. I immediately had a bad feeling about the place and warily looked around to be sure I was alone. Weird things go on in middle-of-nowhere places like this and I feared I had stumbled upon one of them. However, the more logical explanation would be that the cows wandered onto the trestle and either fell off or were hit by a train. At least, I hope that’s what happened.




  1. Mal says:

    Love this image great tones in the rust of the bridge. top effort. Mal

  2. laanba says:

    Wow, that's close! I can't believe you had the presence of mind to push the button. Great shot.

  3. Your experience gives this image amuch more appealing effect – yeah wierd things do happen in the middle of nowhere – hhmmmm things like that make me real edgy

  4. micki says:

    Wonderful motion blur!!

    Sounds like you had quite an experience! Makes me appreciate these shots much more!

  5. NoWords says:

    fantastic shot!

  6. Gary says:

    like the motion blur, but also the colors on the trestle

  7. Exellent catch of movement.
    I like the excitement, risc and the viewing angle within this picture. Good work !

  8. pixibition says:

    cool motion effect:-) nice colors and texture from the metal:-)

  9. Nitsa says:

    Actually thank YOU for great images and some extra dedication :)

  10. grapf says:

    don't move and stay in motion.
    a perfect paradoxon or psychedelic photograph. The light is just what I love.

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