Making Dirt

Well, it’s been a while since my last post (a week to be exact). I wish I could tell you I’ve been working on some great project but the truth is I’ve just been working. A lot. I appreciate your continued support and maybe someday I’ll be able to get back to a more frequent posting schedule. This is a shot I took this morning. It made me think about what’s dead and decaying now as winter approaches will feed new life in the spring.




  1. jean says:

    This photo is merveilleuse .
    I like it very much !!!!

  2. Dawn says:

    How true, it grew from the earth only to return. Nice

  3. AlanGraham says:

    Its natures circle. That tree trunk will be teeming with life in 6 months time. Oh, and its a great shot too. Neutral tones have helped convey a sense of lifelessness here.

  4. Nate says:

    I like the title and the thought behind it. Very nice photo.

  5. KK says:

    very good thoughts on a photo. very…zen.

  6. pixibition says:

    love the various of textures in this photo…wt a great light and shadow..well thought about changing season also:-)

  7. I really like what you have written abt it..and ofcourse the image

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