I’ve been in Port Aransas for the last few days. While driving down the beach one night, the moon suddenly appeared full and red on the horizon. I jumped out of the truck and ran down to the water to get some shots. This one is a 30 second exposure. My brother sat down on the shore and I used a flashlight to illuminate him.




  1. Brian says:

    Wonderful job paintinghim with light.. a very strong image.

  2. Anonymous says:

    that is an incredible photo!

  3. april says:

    absolutely beautiful

  4. Tisha says:

    beautiful, i thought that was the sun coming up.

  5. Nitsa says:

    what a great capture! I like the way the moon appears behind the clouds and your framing of this image.

  6. Emily says:

    Wow. That’s truly beautiful

  7. Christa says:

    Amazing light :)

  8. marie says:

    Marvelous take!

  9. Goob says:

    I absolutely love this photo. Spectacular job! My bookmarks just received a new addition :)

  10. it looks so beautiful! Love it : )

  11. pixibition says:

    wow! amazing color in the sky…great capture:-)

  12. Rahul says:

    Wonderful composition! Recently I saw another ‘moon at the beaches’ at daily dose of imagery website… long exposure truly works wonders

  13. tanya says:

    and it’s because of scenes like this that I want to thank God for creating such an amazing universe. awesome picture!

  14. Neil says:

    Great work with the light painting, it works well & gives the image real punch!

  15. Janice says:

    Oh this is very very beautiful. So nice that you have the gentleman in the foreground. This not only gives perspective, but depth.

  16. NF says:

    This one is like all my holiday photos of sunsets… just adequate

  17. Andy says:

    Except that it’s the moon rising.

  18. mark says:

    Andy is simply amazing, it is an honor to be in one of his photos. Keep it up bro.

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