Old Together

At one time this old windmill probably provided this tree with plentiful water. With most of it gone now, the windmill hasn’t pumped any water in years. But the tree struggles on, with a longing embrace of the ruined machine that once fed it life.

The making of “Old Together”




  1. Caryn says:

    Very surreal. I love the mood.

  2. KK says:

    Another one of your beautiful surreal shots that I desperately want to try. Started experimenting with post processing on my latest entry.

  3. Arne says:


  4. Alec Long says:

    Fantastic light, Andy.

  5. miles says:

    Love it, beautiful treatment too.

  6. micki says:

    I’m speechless/with out words. The photo itself is lovely; your title and insightful comments were icing on the cake.

  7. davenyc says:

    this is gorgeous.

  8. Ryan Rahn says:

    I love cloudy sky shots like this. Excellent sky, and great composition. The tones are wonderful.

  9. dimitri says:

    fantastic! love the drama and tight vignette

  10. Great shot with doom laden sky

  11. NJP3 says:

    very sharp. fantastic sky!

  12. I added you to the blogs that I watch. Nice shot.

  13. Kenny says:

    Looks great, the sky has a life of it self.

  14. Gary says:

    ditto what everyone has said, great photo

  15. Dennis says:

    What a great shot! The beautiful desaturated sky works very well against the green of the tree. Also, your interpretation of the “Old Together” scene sounds convincing.

  16. Tuan says:

    interesting. The tree has a bit of green left whilst hte ones in the background look dead.

  17. eldoon says:


  18. jasonspix says:

    Great title. neat lighting.

  19. pixibition says:

    the crazy clouds is fantastic..excellent tone and contrast as always:-)

  20. Great image, Andy. Those clouds are spectacular.

  21. cbtoday says:

    Amazing color, and sky.

  22. Ed says:

    Nicely composed shot. A great example of the thirds rule.

  23. dave says:


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