Once a Giant

Once a GiantI’ve been meaning to get a shot of this old tree for a long time and yesterday the light was just right.




  1. Mike says:

    Wow. Very dramatic. The vignetting makes this look at first glance like it is an aereal shot looking down at a rooted tree trunk (the one on the left).

  2. Wow – superb. Very atmospheric

  3. Kevin says:

    Its like the opposite of vignetting…its light instead of dark…wonderful work.

  4. dylan neild says:

    Wow… the softness of the lines makes it look like a pencil drawing – very good! I’ll echo the others sentiments in that i love the reverse vignette… gives so much depth to the inner part of the image.

  5. The moment I saw this one…my jaw dropped…for me it looks like huge tentancles coming out of the belly of (don’t know what)…
    The BW toning is what really sets this one apart…It would have been interesting to see this one with higher contrast and more grains….would have made it look really errie…
    Very well done!

  6. Alec Long says:

    Damn, Andy. This one kills. Excellent treatment!

  7. KK says:

    wow, this looks like a sketch or a drawing of some sort, amazing!

  8. Eugene says:

    Very interesting take of the view. I wonder what the original looks like

  9. Kevin says:

    Andy…I saw the winners of the photo contest listed. I had a question. Do you have to resample your image to get it to print 4X6?? Do you have to change the image size…or can you print from a full 8 megapixel shot?? IE: When I transfer my image to computer, its like 3456 X 2304 pixels…to put it on my blog i change image size (resample) to like 640 X 444 or something. When I take my photos to get printed from CD, what size do I put them in?

  10. Dan says:

    Wow! Spectacular! When I first looked at this one, I wondered why you had taken a photo of a painting or drawing. I love the detail you’ve captured here. Beautiful.

  11. Amazing work, and I’m glad I found your site. Very inspiring.

  12. Nice work on the processing Andy.

  13. perfect!!

  14. Brian says:

    Love the different style vignette applied here – it creates a mystical, other-worldly feel and really focuses the attention in on the twisting, confusing pile of wood.

  15. Mark Daniels says:

    This one is almost disturbing. It can viewed abstactly; even if you didn’t know what it was, the image would somehow convey mortality.

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