Open Water

I was back at Port Aransas this weekend and just in time to see some dramatic storms roll in. This one was shot early in the morning using my wide angle lens and holding the camera just above the water as a wave came in. I had to take the shot and immediately yank the camera up to avoid getting it doused with sea water. This worked for a while but after a few close calls, a soaked neck strap, and a fairly good splash across the back of the camera I got the heck out.

ISO 400, 1/160, f/6.3



40 comments on “Open Water

  1. Kathleen on said:

    I saw this shot and thought — he got the camera wet, I just know it! Glad to read that you got out alive. :)

    This is one gorgeous shot, Andy! The colors, tone, composition, subject matter are all deliriously good.

  2. What a fantastic perspective. Its like the view of someone who has tripped and is now actually in the water.

  3. kettlepot on said:

    very dramatic and very brave! amazing as usual.

  4. Beautiful and dramatic, it takes a moment to find the actual scale of the waves. You do fantastic work.

  5. Gorgeous! I love the tone of the photo. You can really see the power of the water.

  6. this is dramatic. for me it is the view of a shipwreck survivior.

  7. Fantastic shot. The sharp wave compliments the soft tones of the sky really well. Hope your gear is insured!

  8. Marissa and I were in Port Aransas last weekend too. Those were some crazy storms. Nice capture.

  9. I was so wondering what risks you took to capture this image…wow!! Sounds like it was a close call at the end.

  10. love the drama. i never knew that a picture of a wave like this, can be so cool! but it seems you need to take some risk to shoot it… outstanding work man!

  11. Jennifer on said:

    Wow, cool. And scary!

  12. Daniel Seguin on said:

    Wow this is a great composition; really gives the feeling of being in, well, open water. There's something qutie scary about this shot. Very well done! Oh, and need I say that the post work is also excellent? Fab!

  13. another surreal shot, quite depressing though, like the end of the world…

  14. Wow, this really gives the feelng of being IN the water. Awesome shot.

  15. First time I visit here and opened this shot. I thought instantly…holy shit! Moby Dick! I love it.

  16. This is really beautiful, I love all the dark colors.

  17. Nice job! I'm glad the camera's ok but this shot was well worth the risk.

  18. This is absolute awesome! It actually made me feel some sort of panic in my stomach – like I was about to be engulfed. Really awesome shot!

  19. Roberta at Uncommon Depth on said:

    Awesome sky to go with those foamy waves. What a terrific capture.

  20. Flemming Gade on said:

    What a great photo. It's feels just like beeing there.

  21. moodaholic on said:

    Great shot. The color of the water is so cold and frightening.

  22. This is one great shot! This is one perspective that you don't see every day. Nice work…

  23. Wolfgang on said:

    At first view I thought these were mountains; good shot!

  24. A great action shot!

  25. Wow! This is awesome – Great perspective.

  26. Love all of your ocean shots. Great Images!

  27. Awesome image.

  28. jasonspix on said:

    This scares the heck out of me.

  29. Thanks everyone. I appreciate all of the wonderful comments.

  30. Photo Traces on said:

    stunning, great angle and very dramatic

  31. eva sjöberg on said:

    Very cool and dramatic photo! I really love it! It feels like I am in the water and I can really feel it! Great!

  32. Kennie on said:

    It looks as though it was shot from a boat, I really like it! It's not your everyday ocean shot, that's for sure. :) Great!

  33. Lori Witzel on said:

    Sorry to be so late to the party going on here…really sweet deep teals and blues, and love the sodden point of view.

  34. It looks as if the wave is going to swallow you whole. I enjoy your work, keep it up.

  35. elenuzzy on said:

    incredible :)

  36. Jeff Ambrose on said:

    You're braver than I am for sure, congrats on the noteworthy.

  37. Regis on said:

    Wow, that's a stuning shot ! Feels like being in the middle of a storm

  38. This picture really draws you into it – great shot!

  39. giovanni on said:

    wow i love this type of compositions!

  40. Judy on said:

    Amazing creativity from God that blesses others. I feel Him in your creations. Thank you!

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