Petals Become Flame

Spring was nice while it lasted – all three days of it. With record high temperatures, it seems these sunflower petals have transformed into fire in the intense heat.




  1. great perspective and crop – very original – such a cool imae – i could see this in a million kitchens all over the world – on the wall and a calender

  2. Certainly a interesting take, and I like how the tips flair out toward the viewer.
    Contrasting colors, comp, ….. cool!

  3. Tuan says:

    great composition, you've resisted the usual front on shot of the sunflower.

  4. cary says:

    They do look like they've been scorched a bit on the edges. Good work, as usual, Andy.

  5. Caryn says:

    Very interesting. I love the unusual angle & cropping. Gorgeous and graceful subject, too.

  6. noushin says:

    Very different point of view for this flower. I like the colors and the details.

  7. micki says:

    Wonderfully done! These dying petals have been brought back to life in your composition. Excellent work.

  8. geof says:

    Landscape crop works very well. Nice image.

  9. NoWords says:

    very interesting framing!

  10. ian says:

    There's some great detail in this shot – I like the perspective too.

  11. Boyd Greene says:

    You are an artist indeed!

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