Not too long ago, the Burleson house was only In Need of Repair. Now it’s in need of removal. In June, a fire destroyed this replica of the orginal log cabin. It’s located on the hill opposite Aquarena Center, on the other side of Spring Lake. It’s part of the original Aquarena Springs amusement park that’s been abandoned for a decade. I have two other pictures of the cabin before it was destroyed here and here.




  1. Andriy says:

    Great photo, good choice for b/w.

  2. dimitri says:

    great shot. love how the bare trees frame the abandoned house. good choice in BW.

  3. elaine says:

    this is a moving and gorgeous picture

  4. P.J. says:

    Good find! Nice job!

  5. Angry Buddha says:

    Great catch on this. I love old dilapidated buildings.

  6. riika says:

    I like the mysterious feeling in this picture.

  7. mannnedspace says:

    Wow. Good find.

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