Spring Lake Falls

Things at work have finally calmed down a bit and allowed me to get out and take some pictures so I decided to continue with my flashlight experiments last night. This is a shot of one of the two waterfalls coming out of Spring Lake that create the San Marcos River.



39 comments on “Spring Lake Falls

  1. pixibition on said:

    wow..amazing shot….beautiful light:-)

  2. holy crap dude, that’s awesome.

  3. Alec Long on said:

    Incredible. That light is stunning.

  4. Mystery Me on said:

    Very creative indeed. An amazing piece of work.

  5. The color and light is amazing. I like the waters softness.

  6. AsceticMonk on said:

    Simply beautiful, it’s like a dream.

  7. Very pretty – the illumination in the foreground is fantastic.

  8. This is surreal. Fabulous!

  9. you have a beautiful way of capturing water.

  10. Dennis Rogers on said:

    Nothing less than stunning. This is art.

  11. This looks like an (amazingly) rendered picture. I believe you when saying it´s a photograph, but it would not have been my first guess!

  12. Very magical. I almost expect a fairy to flit by. Lovely!

  13. Genial!

  14. Fantastic! I litteraly popped out of my chair when the page loaded. I love this lighting you’ve mannaged to create with a simple flashlight. It created an incredibly surreal texture to the photo. Really like this one.

  15. Simply surreal. It is amazing what you are able to do with your camera, mine is obviously broken.

  16. Now you’ve done it. I’m inspired. Gotta try this. Great shots.

  17. This really has moved from photography to art (I know photography IS art, but this is a different level)

  18. dude – you’ve outdone yourself here. i’ll echo what everyone else has said. SO COOL.

  19. PLEASE tell me how you did this!!! Its just amazing!

  20. Totally rocking shot. I have taken many, many photos of “frozen” water and never have they come out like this.

  21. Wow, this is totally awesome !
    It has some kind of eerie feeling… the light in the foreground, the silky water and the lighted sky in the backgroun.
    Well done !

  22. Truly Incredible.

  23. owl and dragon on said:

    Your hard work really shows here. the trees in the back make the shot for me, they really set the stage.

  24. woa, this is real magic

  25. wow. it’s awesome

  26. Very dreamy. Nice work

  27. Wow. Is it really real???
    Beautiful, I love it!!!

  28. Nice and dreamy, would love to camp out by this water and wait for a soft thunderstorm to roll through.

  29. An amazing photograph.

  30. That’s a really cool picture. The lighting and the water gives it a surreal appearance.

  31. This is truly incredible.

  32. WOW! The lighting gives this photo such a strange, eerie but wonderful feeling, kind of surreal. I love how the water looks and the colors are amazing.
    Awesome photo!

  33. Beach Week Gallery on said:

    That is so perfectly cool – Almost unreal but very wow! I think this is one of the greatest I’ve ever seen!

  34. Dutch PhotoDay on said:

    A shot with a very special atmosphere, great work!

  35. wow .. another cool shot … !

  36. such an amazing union of night and day, er, light anyway :-)

  37. great painting job! I love it.

  38. Fantastic. The water looks almost like dry ice or something

  39. With each picture, I am even more blown away. This is incredible.

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