Summer’s Ruin

The fire spread quickly through the dead, dry grass. The rain had not come for many days and the sun had baked the land to a brittle brown subsistence. The light and heat that had propelled the flower to life had now helped destroy it. Summer’s glory had become summer’s ruin.




  1. Bug says:

    Very striking, excellent photo!

  2. dorna! says:


  3. tim says:


  4. Robotnik says:


  5. roman says:

    congratulations, this is awesome!

  6. BRian says:

    Wow – very unique and a wonderful photo.

  7. Ghone says:

    Total wow!

  8. mark says:

    holy fire batman, this is a cool pic!

  9. fag8 says:


  10. Helen says:


  11. Mychael says:

    Very VERY cool.

  12. weirsdo says:

    Your pictures are beautiful and somehow haunting.

  13. Jenna says:


  14. tuan says:

    oh wow, best photo i’ve seen in a while!! it looks like its melting. fantastic.

  15. hunter says:

    hauntingly beautiful…be coming back for more.

  16. Alec Long says:

    That’s quite a powerful story, visually and written. Well done.

  17. Jess says:

    Any photoshop?

  18. tisha says:


  19. -- Naudia -- says:

    This is a really interesting picture. Is there a before and after pic? I love it. I’ll be coming back for more too… *thumbs*

  20. Kris says:


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