The Door’s Always Open

This is a closer view of the front door of the old church. About the only thing holding it up is a strand of barbed wire wrapped around the doorknob.




  1. KK says:

    I LOVE the mood on this scene. The condition of the house and the door, and the background, it’s brilliant!

  2. Tuan says:

    the peculiar composition really makes an interesting photo.

  3. DeWaun says:

    Absolutely stunning, as usual!

  4. Wonderful compostion and lighting. This really envokes feelings of abandonment and solitude. Well done!

  5. You created a wonderful piece from a scene that looks so bleak in nature!
    Lighting, unique composition and depth, tonal range, … nice!

  6. pixibition says:

    i really like this shot….beautiful textures and color tone on the wood panel is my favorite:-)

  7. joshi says:

    visited your site 1st time today. damn u’re a good photographer! almost unreal.

  8. dylan neild says:

    Very, very nice. Love the textures in this shot – so many different aspects to this image grab the eye. Well done.

  9. prasoon says:

    looks like a portrait..
    really nice capture !

  10. james says:

    Something poetic about the broken church, once vibrant with people who have long since abandoned it and the broken trees, whose life source of leaves have done the same. It also displays your usual deft touch in the post-processing. Good shot.

  11. tom says:

    very good. I’d like to know how you did the lighting

  12. dave says:

    You have captured really good colour in this shot! Well done. Cheers.

  13. emory says:

    that is a great photo

  14. Still says:

    A melancholic shot. Very evocative of past time.

  15. Victor says:

    Yeah, just have to agree with the rest here! Perfect! Nice color pick to!

  16. Charles says:


  17. Otto K says:

    Great shot (as usual). The colors, lighting, and detail on the building are excellent.

  18. amanda leigh says:

    awesome shot. me and boyfriend are always looking for places like this.

  19. Hza says:

    Beautiful shot Andy.

  20. noushin says:

    So attractive, I want to keep looking at this.

  21. Nate says:

    I love the effect you’re putting on these. It has that little bit of animated look to it. Kind of like a painting or something. I’ve tried this but can’t get quite what I want.

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