The Old Hospital

This building has been begging me to photograph it for a while now so I set out a 6:00 AM only to discover that a massive spotlight has been set up to illuminate the front of the building. It’s still plenty creepy with the broken or boarded up windows but in the end I wasn’t able to get the shot so I wanted so I decided to age the photo to give it an antique look. I’m not sure how effective the aging process is but for me it makes it a little more interesting.

Here’s a little bit of historical info from the University Star’s website:

“Another area of paranormal activity is the old (and eerie) Belvin Street Hospital at the end of the Belvin Street Historical District. In the 1890s, the building was originally used as a dormitory for the Coronal Institute. After the institute closed at the turn of the century, it served as a hospital, a dormitory once again and finally as a Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity house. Visitors report hearing screams and slamming doors, and ghost hunters have claimed to have picked up an electronic voice phenomenon recording saying, “Speak to me.” In addition, compasses supposedly react erratically once inside the building.”

I didn’t go inside the building nor would I by myself. I’m not worried about ghosts but I don’t know what other kinds of hazards lurk inside (rotten floors, escaped killers, etc.). I’m waiting for an overcast day to go back so I can get a nice dramatic sky. In the meantime, enjoy this “old” photo of the hospital building.




  1. Brian says:

    Creepy.. and definitely looks the part with the aging. I was actually going to ask if this was an old photograph.. until I read your comments. Nice work.

  2. tuan says:

    very spooky. i wouldn’t go inside the building either!

  3. theinsider says:

    It’s an incredibly beautiful shot.

  4. marie b. says:

    it looks like something from one of those “now and then” biopics, where they sepia-tint a shot to segue into the “then” portion.

    very nice.

  5. A. says:


  6. It is rather spooky, but still very beautiful! Found you on BlogExplosion btw.

  7. James says:

    Its kind of scary inside there, suppost to be ghost, I didnt see anything though.

  8. Brian Sauer says:

    the place burned down tonight April 9th, 2007. No one knows what happened at this time but it is gone.

  9. Kyle J says:

    I've been inside on a few different occassions. Once, at a party hosted be the Pikes in '96, and twice after it was boarded up. It was definitely a haunted structure, I just wish we'd taken interior pictures. Does anyone have any?

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