The Rope Swing

I’ve really been digging black & white variations lately so that’s probably what my next few posts will be. I shot this one down by the river just after sunrise this morning. There are several rope swings in this area attached to very large, very old trees with massive root systems sticking out of the ground.




  1. tim says:

    hi, i think this one has a little too much foreground emphasis which takes away from the rope swing as a the point of emphasis. i really like the photo and your monochrome technique is great. try this one again with a little less root.

  2. Andy says:

    Thanks Tim. When I took the photo, my intention was to make the rope swing the subject but during processing the roots definitely took over. I should have changed the image title to reflect the overpowering root system which I think is a more interesting subject than the swing.

  3. jay says:


    i enjoy coming by your site alot… your photos are wonderful. and despite the comments about over emphasis of the foreground in this shot, personally i love the look of this photo; the hazy, dreamy quality of the rope in the background is rather nice. but hey, am no expert – but like this shot a lot.

  4. Alec Long says:

    Yeah, the rope is definitely secondary. But who cares? You found something really cool in those roots, and you played the composition to its full advantage. Excellent B&W toning, too.

  5. tuan says:

    the roots definitely steal the picture, very creepy too.

  6. Neil says:

    looks like some sort of alien! beautiful rendering of texture in the tree, tho i can barely make out the rope swing. still a great picture!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I love it!

  8. really nice bw tone…i like the texture on the roots and tree bark…and beautiful composition:-)

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