This is the only piece of equipment left from a small oil pumping station.




  1. dp says:

    Clever name to try and bring the viewers attention back to the valves :-) The skies literally took my breath away. I tried a bit of digital conversion to B&W but just wasn’t able to pop the clouds out (unlike in color where I can deepen a polarized sky). Did you use any red filters or did you have to use curves in Photoshop?

  2. roman says:

    what an amazing sky – whatever post-processing you used, it just “works”! the valve thing looks oddly flat compared to the background

  3. Cattrin says:

    Amazing work with the Black and White! How do you bring out such definition? Such texture? This is an amazing shot! are you on flickr? I swear, I have never come across a shot with as much value and depth as this! Good work!

  4. jamie says:

    Beautiful pick for b&w – the sky is truly amazing and the iron-works make it look very surreal. Nice!

  5. Rob says:

    Nice use of a contrast filter.

  6. misplacedpom says:

    wow! That is truly amazing… Can I have it please? :o)

  7. debora says:

    beautiful tones.
    what a damn good photo!

  8. BosseB says:

    A bit surrealistic look with the valves and the sky. Very nice!

  9. Saroy says:

    This is awesome!

  10. Marina says:

    Great shot!

  11. miles says:

    Outstanding image, great tones.

  12. kikko77 says:

    you shoot the best skies

  13. Joe Lencioni says:

    This is wonderfully lit. I love the contrast between the industrialization of the valves and the organic nature of the clouds and the rest of the background.

  14. NF says:


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