Wearing Away

Here’s another long exposure using a flashlight for illumination. This technique is really fun to experiment with. Unfortunately, there’s only about a 20-minute window just before complete darkness when the light is perfectly suited for this sort of thing.




  1. Alec Long says:

    Andy, this is a great series. I love these experiments. You’ve added a whole new dimension with the light painting. Excellent stuff.

  2. Brian says:

    Great job – a technique that I’ve yet to learn, despite the facts that I often see great results from it (such as this).

  3. rw says:

    Cool shot and thanks for sharing the “method”. Something more to try.

  4. Wonderful capture. I should give this a try sometime.

  5. Leo says:

    Interesting shot with water once again. Colors are nice, I would’ve preferred a little more subtle illumination of the rock in this case though.

  6. pixibition says:

    look so surreal….nice smooth of water surface…beautiful:-)

  7. SmileTO says:

    I personally I like the lighting on the rock.. Great long exposure

  8. blindspot says:

    I just love those time lapse with water.

  9. pierre says:

    Nice light painting, got to try this technique once :)

  10. stunning…no other words…

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