Wrong Number

I decided to go out and take some pictures during the day for a change. I’ll get back to the night stuff soon but for now it’s nice not to have to haul around my tripod and flashlight everywhere I go. This is a shot of an old phone at the abandoned sky ride loading area at Aquarena Center. Now it’s just a home for wasps and mud daubers.




  1. Neil says:

    I love abandoned stuff, gives it great character! Nice shot.

  2. Claudia says:

    Great shot! Love all of your photos. Gives so much feelings to me when I view them.

  3. mari says:

    Love the color teal here and the bit of rust that pops slightly. Great shot.

  4. jasonspix says:

    This is great! I like the blurring around the edges. Very good.

  5. pixibition says:

    beautiful decay shot…love the textures:-)

  6. Rich says:

    Very nice

  7. dylan neild says:

    This is awesome. The dirty, industrial look is incredible – you can feel the roughness of it all with your eyes. Good find.

  8. Mike says:

    Andy- very interesting shot. Makes me think of the Matrix.

  9. Matt says:

    Great looking shot. Nice job.

  10. Brian says:

    While I like the creative night shots, I think I actually prefer this kind of thing a bit more. I like how you’ve chosen to keep only the telephone and its box sharp here.

  11. kikko77 says:

    I like these old things. Time makes them more human

  12. Kelly says:

    Beautiful photographs. I love the colour, and the subject matter itself.

  13. Love the old and decayed textures…like the composition as well…nice allround..

  14. pierre says:

    Very good. I too think there’s a matrix feel to this picture :)

  15. Fabio says:

    A decadent telephone

  16. the old cord falling to the bottom of the frame is beautiful.

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